Feather light - up to 15kg


Puncture proof tires

Bump free rides

Superior stopping power

Diodra S3- electric

Its smart motor and auto-shifting gears let you cruise effortlessly. Connect with the app, choose your speed (EU: 25km/h, USA: 32km/h), and conquer the day. Just a 3.5-hour charge fuels endless journeys.

Secure yours for €2.199 | €2.899

Powered by intelligent motor

20mph(US) Assist Speed

63Miles Range

250 w Power

25Ah Battery

Diodra M8 multi-speed

This budget-friendly commuter brings you effortless shifting with the low-maintenance Shimano ALFINE hub, keeping your rides smooth and worry-free.

Secure yours for €1.599 | €2.299

Low maintenance hub

8 Speeds

307% Gear ratio

160mm Disc brake

1640g Weight

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The bamboo frame advantage

1. Strong as steel, light as feather:

Our advanced manufacturing process maximizes strength in the frame while keeping weight low. Bamboo's natural density allows for high-strength joints, ensuring your safety on every adventure.

2. Adjustable dropouts:

Effortlessly customize your Diodra for perfect chain tension, seamless belt drive compatibility, and precise brake alignment. This innovative system enhances both your bike's practicality and performance, letting you experience cycling like never before.

3. Head turner:

Internally routed cables create a clean aesthetic, ensuring your Diodra looks as good as it rides.

Belt Drive System

Embrace carefree rides with our optional Gates carbon belt drive (just €200 extra) —no lubrication worries, just a consistently smooth ride. With a 30,000km+ lifespan, it's maintenance-free excellence!

50/24 Gear ratio

30.000 km Life time

CDN/CDX Carbon Belt


Designed & Built-in Europe

Diodra bikes are manufactured and assembled by a team of experiences EU technicians and can be identified through their minimalist design, the use of high quality and durable materials, and meticulous attention to details. Our Premium-Class electric bikes are a combination of the highest technology and the finest hand crafted work delivered at a competitive price.


Bamboo is an amazingly versatile material with a higher strength to weight ratio than steel or aluminium.It is strong, stif, beautiful and has great vibration absorption characteristics, resulting in a amazing and confortable ride.

Yes! We implement our special two-component coating system on our bikes to protect the bamboo from water and weather. Each frame receives 3 layers of the best varnish on the market.

The Diodra-S3 and Diodra-M8 come with a 2-year unlimited mileage warranty, for peace of mind that your bike is covered against manufacturing defects. Additionally, the frame itself is covered by a 5-year warranty.

Each bike is designed for low maintenance and durability, requiring minimal lubrication thanks to its belt drive system. This means you'll spend less time and money on upkeep.

Yes! You can use the dedicated Diodra smartphone app (Android or iOS) to access all data and statistics about usage and rides.

The charger connects to the rear wheel axle and takes only 3.5 hours to fully charge.Our engineered built-in battery offers a capacity of 300Wh or 4000 cycles.
Save €700 Now

Drop your email below, to access the launch-day limited deal of €700 OFF.